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“Motivation”, the word, comes from latin “movere” which means “to move.” I say motivation triggers multiple aspects of movement: 

  • Choice
  • Direction
  • Effort
  • Intensity
  • Persistence
  • Duration

Of course, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is useful understanding our basics drivers catalyzing motivation and moves. As well as David McClelland’s Theory of Needs regarding achievement, affiliation and power. To master motivation we also can leverage on our internal motivation; add your values and the actions get even more meaningful for ourselves – and others. My personal driver for better motivation is purpose. Anyway, here are keys to keep in mind when you focus on improving your motivation:

Light The Fire

You know when you’re on fire. You know what you’re like when you’re in the zone and you’re fully engaged, and you are at your best. Sometimes, the easiest way to get back to this mode is to simply remember what it feels like: When you’re at the top of your game, what do you focus on?How do you carry yourself? How do you move? How do you speak? How do you breathe? Do more of that.

Play Your Cards Smart

Of course, if you set the rules, you win the game. Part of winning in life is playing your cards, by the rules, but in a way that works for you. This requires self-awareness and smartness. Challenge yourself to play your hand better and to play with a full deck of possibilities.

Take Time

Take the time – carve it out – in your schedule to focus, recharge, and renew. Continuously find ways to make more space, turn things off, and savor your down time. Great down time, leads to great up time. Just because you’re in an “always on” world, doesn’t mean you have to play the game that way. Bend the clock to bring out your best!

Let Space Serve 

Surround yourself with the people, places, and things that bring out your best. Sometimes this means going to where the grass is greener… Listen: A job is not a lifetime sentence! Change it when needed. Nor is a house you own or any place in this world. Move when needed. Life is too short to get stuck in one place in space when we can let space serve us and drive better motivation.

Cut Crap

Some things just weigh you down or bog you down. If it’s holding you down, then it’s holding you back, so drop it. If it’s dead weight that doesn’t serve you, then let it go.

If Site doesn’t work, do Opposite

Do the opposite of whatever is not working. If you’re the one that brings you down, then be the one that lifts you up.

NIKE IT: Just Do It

Don’t let anybody tell you can’t do something, or that you’re not good enough. Especially you! You got a dream? Protecht it! You want something? Go get it. Period!

Rely on Rhythm

Routines and rhythm in life will serve you emotionally, mentally, and physically. It gives you something to prepare and look forward to. It sets up boundaries that help you unleash your best. It’s also a way to recharge without going past your boundaries, or waiting until you burn out to take a break.

Act & Correct

Don’t play the blame-game! Take ownership over your mistakes so you can do something about them. Cut the guilt-ties that bind you, and unleash yourself from demotivating shameing. As long as you’re taking action, you can keep correcting your course – and develop, develop, develop…

Will? Way!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way… And if you are committed to the target outcome, you’ll find a way to get there. Leverage your resources, your knowledge and your network. People will help when you ask the right way, and when you are helping yourself.

Start & Stay with WHY

You won’t depend on the applause or appreciation of others. You won’t depend on the money, the praise, or the accolades. Start with your purpose! This “WHY?” of yours holds you to a higher bar and a deeper drive of motivation. 

It’s All in Your Story

You can use the past, the present, or the future to motivate yourself. For example, you can draw from your victories in the past. Or use the future to inspire hope. Or be in the moment and savor the experience. The key is to use the past, present, or future to motivate your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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