About Roald

Born March 2nd ‘73.

Father of four.

Works as Senior Adviser for Motitech AS (Norway). Developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives and relational capacity.

Decades of experience in personal and organisational development, motivational speaker, advisory, leadership and strategic thinking – from schools, ministries, organisations and entrepreneurship – through growth phases as well as crises.

Holds a Master of Divinity (NLA University College, Norway).

Certified DISC-coach (Persolog, Norway).

Experienced Business Mentor for Handelshøyskolen BI (Norway), and as Coach in CABHI Coach Community (Canada); a community of interdisciplinary subject matter experts who can provide mentorship and coaching on a wide range of topics.

Sharing knowledge, perspectives and lived experience – guiding people in their journey as they battle barriers and execute solutions.

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