Experienced in leadership, personal and organisational development.

Holds a Master of Divinity from NLA University College (Norway).

Certified DISC-coach

Serves as Business Mentor for Handelshøyskolen BI (Norway), and as Coach in CABHI Coach Community (Canada).

Strongly believe people are at their best together, that 1+1=3, as we mirror each other’s alternatives to facilitate and catalyse the better way. – Roald


60 min each time, single or multiple sessions.


The model is a methodology I use for coaching over a series of conversations. Equivalent to 9 x 60 min focusing on where You come from, where You stand and where You want to go from here – step 1, step 2 and 3.

Suitable for both pioneering as well as restarts and reorganizations, or reset one’s core values and act accordingly with renewed confidence and self-management.

4 seasons

Assignments over a series of conversations and/or ad hoc advisory for an agreed period, e.g. as a Business Mentor, at Advisory Board or through Coaching services.

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