More About DISC

I am certified DISC Coach, by persolog® (Norway).

Reflection – Development – Change

Persolog® gives help with reflection and tools for development and change. The models are based on how you prefer to act in a given context. All the tools are research-based and developed at the intersection of practice and theory. By focusing on simple skills, lasting changes in behavior are created.

Despite its theoretical depth and a complex background, the persolog® models are easy to understand and they are very well suited for rapid implementation in everyday life. This results in a wide range of opportunities for use in both personal and leadership development, sales training, team building processes and training programs, coaching, career guidance and recruitment. As well as under negotiation…

Scientific background

Scientific quality is important to us as DISC Coaches! Dr. Geier’s original works are based on the works of Dr. William Moulton Marston (1893-1947). He used Marston’s behavioral studies to explain personality, and brought in interpersonal, intrapersonal, and other social aspects when designing the questionnaires. Through intensive scientific studies, Dr. Geier was able to confirm Marston’s theory, and in the process he also gained the rights to Marston’s collected works.

Validity and Reliability Tests

The Persolog® model has been repeatedly subjected to extensive validity and reliability tests. Including also according to the international standard, Big Five, where very good results were achieved.

Persolog is the only organisation worldwide that works with this latest, scientifically validated generation of DISC tools.

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