Fruitful Feedback

  1. Offered only when the other person is able to receive it.
  2. Detailed, concrete, and tied to a specific experience if possible.
  3. Communicated as perceptions, suppositions as suppositions, and feelings as feelings. In other words, objective knowledge should not be claimed.
  4. Not as an analysis of the other person.
  5. Include supportive and edifying comments.
  6. Reversible.
  7. Tailored to the other person’s level of receptivity/openness.
  8. Most constructive when desired by the other person.
  9. Ask yourself how well you would receive the feedback you intend to give and in the manner you intend to give it.
  10. Made most of when received with humility and patience.
  11. Is the giving of information, not the changing of the other person.

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