«Coaching is Catalysing a Culture of Accountability. And I love it!» – Roald

Let’s Walk Together

Coaching Through the G.R.O.W.-model and the Coaching Habit

The G.R.O.W. model

Goals. What would you like to achieve?

Realities. What is derailing your progress?

Options. What possibilities for action?

Will. What are your next steps?

The Coaching Habit

  1. KICK OFF. What’s on Your mind?
  2. AWE. … And what else?
  3. FOCUS. What’s the real challenge for You? Why?
  4. FONDATION. What does success look like for You?
  5. ACTION. What could You do to get there?
  6. SUPPORT. How can I help?
  7. COMMITMENT. What are You committing to?
  8. PRIORITISATION. If You are doing this, what will slip?
  9. CLOSE. How do You want to follow up on this?

Let’s Walk Together, Openminded

Coaching With Powerful Questions

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

Let’s Walk Together, Openminded, Willing to Learn

Coaching as Challenging for Growth

Take people beyond their current comfort zone

Has to include brainstorming to find an authentic, relevant action

Challenge has to be accepted

Accountability need to be established:

  • WHAT employee’s actions will be
  • WHEN they will take action (e.g. milestones, deadlines)
  • HOW action will be communicated

Failure is a positive possibility for higher learning

Future-focused feedback

Let’s Walk Together, Openminded, Willing to Learn, More

Coaching Designed to Stretch Opportunities

Formal Education: What are your educational goals?

Informal Education: Workshops. Conferences. Courses. Webinars. Online courses

Networking versus Community

Mentoring (incl Sponsoring)

Let’s Walk Together, Openminded, Willing to Learn, More, Deeper

Coaching Through Blind Spots and Resistance

Begin coaching with people who are ready to be coached

Clues an employee is not ready to be coached:

  • One-word-answers
  • «I don’t know”

High achievers:

  • Reassure
  • Accelerating growth
  • Opportunities for advancement


  • Future focused assurances; use your strengths & be successful

Potential Challenges:

  • Tardiness
  • Forgotten meetings
  • Missed deadlines
  • Not participating
  • Gossip


  • Don’t take it personally; focus on the problem, not the people
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Give people time to vent without interruption or feedback
  • Acknowledge, but don’t commiserate
  • Listen, listen, listen…

Disengagement (= Geographie):

  • Silence
  • No eye contact
  • One-word-answers
  • Folded arms
  • Dismissive gestures


  • Play back or copy the person’s physical posture or movement and ask: “What does this mean?”
  • Draw the big picture and get back on track, together, openminded, willing to learn, more, deeper

More about Coaching and DISC tools. Enjoy!

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