Marked Readiness Questionnaire

1. Company Information

Company Information

  1. Comp. Name:
    • Street Address:
    • Postal Code/Zip Code:
    • Country:
    • Web:
  2. Years in Operation: 
  3. Number of Full-time Employees:
  4. Number of Part-time Employees:
  5. Primary Contact:
    • Title:
    • Name:
    • Phone:
    • Email:
  6. A diverse pool of founders to reflect the diversity in the entrepreneurs is important. Please think through the following demographic information – and take a look at your own feelings and thoughts as you do:
    • Is 50% or more of the company owned by female founders? 
    • Do any of the founders identify as a person with a disability?
    • Do any of the founders members of a visible minority group?
    • What do you win/lose with your teams demography, today?

2. The Solution

Solution Description 

  1. Solution name:
  2. Solution type:
  3. In what category does your solution fit?
  4. Describe your solution and the problem that the solution aims to solve for your customers. Do not include proprietary or confidential information.
  5. How are your users currently solving the problem?
  6. Why did you pick this idea to work on? How do you know people need what you’re making?
  7. How does it work and what are its key features? 
  8. Why did you select these key features?
  9. Do you have a video that provides a short (less than 5 minute) demonstration of your product? This can be screen recordings of software, a video of your device in use, or a demonstration of how your service works.

Existing Evidence

  1. Provide a summary of existing evidence, user validation and test data supporting your solution.
  2. Describe existing evidence, evaluation and test data supporting your product claims. Include previous scientific evaluations, end user pilot data, lab test results, etc., as applicable. Attach relevant studies, white papers, and other documents below, in PDF format.

Operational Readiness and Stage of Development

  1. List all relevant product licenses, certifications, impact and privacy assessments, and markings already received or pending.
  2. Which best describes your current stage of development?
    • Prototype (Gathering feedback)
    • Minimum viable product (Testing/Validating)
    • Commercially available (Paying customers, renewing contracts)
  3. Do you have freedom to operate?
  4. Confirm that your solution/product has no risk to potential infringement.
  5. What is your Intellectual Property (IP) status? (i.e. who owns the rights and interests to the IP).

3. Team

Founders & Management Team

  1. Identify all co-founders in the company (= name, work title and affiliated organization/ position within the company).
  2. Why are the founders/this company uniquely qualified or optimally positioned to develop this solution? 
  3. How long have the founders been working on this? How much of that has been full time?
  4. Have any of the identified founders had previous company exits?
  5. Do any of the founders have a technical background (if the innovation is a tech solution)?
  6. Please describe major milestones hit in the last year with respect to your product/solution or company.
  7. Does your company have a Board of Directors? 
  8. Does your company have any clinical or other technical advisors?
  9. Have you already participated or committed to participate in an incubator, accelerator or pre-accelerator?
  10. What skills or areas of expertise might your team be missing to help you be successful?

4. Market Opportunity

Target Market

  1. Describe your target market segment and where they are geographically based. I.e. The group of consumers or organizations most likely to buy your company’s solution/product.
  2. Describe the size of your current market. 
  3. How big do you anticipate this market will be in 5-10 years?

Business Model

  1. Provide a description of your business model.
  2. How do you make money?
    • B2B
    • B2C
    • B2G
    • C2C
  3. Do you have paying customers? 
  4. How much revenue did your company make during the last six months? (in EURO).
  5. How many total customers or users (as applicable) did your company have over the last six months? Please break down the number by month.
  6. How do you acquire customers (direct, referrals, etc.)?
  7. What percentage of customers obtained to date are a result of referrals from your current customers?

5. Competition


  1. How do you plan to grow in your target market?
  2. What are the barriers that are challenging adoption of your solution?
  3. Who are your key competitors, both in terms of competing product categories and firms?
  4. Why will you win against them?

6. Funding


  1. How much dilutive funding have you raised to date?
  2. How much non-dilutive funding have you raised to date?
  3. What is your current cash balance?
  4. What is your current monthly burn rate?
  5. What percentage of the company is owned by the founders?
  6. If you have raised a price round, what was the post-money valuation?
  7. Who was the lead investor?
  8. If you are looking for funding? How much (in EURO)?
  9. How will it help you achieve your next business milestones?
  10. Any additional Information you would like to share?
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