The Best Tool in The Tool Box

Entering the market with the right solution is difficult. Entering the market with the right team is crucial. – Roald

The Company’s Team is one of the most important resources for The Company’s Dream

You need The Best Tool in The Tool Box to empower people to engage, connect, and thrive.

Using Persolog®Personality Factor Profile, you and your team get an encounter with yourself and your preferred style as you work, learn, change and collaborate.


  1. Meet Roald, framing the course together
  2. Introduce participants to course, facilitate registration and online Personality Factor Profile
  3. Course day 1
  4. The participants work individually between course days
  5. Course day 2
  6. Feedback and Report


  • persolog®Personality Factor Profile
  • Understanding one’s own and others’ behavioral profile
  • Fruitful Feedback and Growth Paths Ahead
    • As Individuals
    • As Team
    • As Organization
    • As Business
  • Final Report and Insight

Program (tentative)

Day 1

  • The Danger of A Single Story
  • Test & Interpretation
  • Profiles & Preferences

Day 2

  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Self-Management & Adaptability
  • Culture of Accountability

Service & Price

  • The Service and Price provided depends on the package we frame
  • This course has its fixed price incl. preparation hours: NOK 26 000,-
  • Personality Factor Profile (online test) has its price per participant: NOK 1 300,-
  • If needed, travel, food and lodging are covered by the client

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