Father of four

Holds a Master of Divinity

Certified DISC-coach

Works as Chief Strategy Officer (Motitech AS)

Provides mentorship and coaching on a wide range of topics

Based on decades of experience in leadership, personal and organisational development, I provide mentorship and coaching on a wide range of topics constantly targeting how to strengthen your relational capacity, self management and execution skills, in growth and crises.- Roald

Manager Training

A course designed for managers to help them transition from an individual contributor role to a manager role. This incorporates introspection, perspective shifting, and awareness building.

Key Topics: Mindset. Values. Emotional Intelligence. Manager Transition. Coaching. Feedback. Decision Making.


The DISC-day that changes Every day.

Key Topics: Personality and preferred behavior. Tension in the Team. Learning and Change Style. Process and Self Management. Adaptability Skills.

Playing 2 Win with Strategy that Really Works

Strategy doesn’t guarantee results but it does improve your chances of winning.

Key Topics: What is Strategy? Dos & Don’ts. 5 Choice Framework. Playing 2 Win Canvas. Reverse Engineering. Assertive Inquiry.

Start Up

Mentoring for Pioneers and StartUps catalyzing market readiness

Key Topics: Company. Solution. Team. Opportunity. Competition. Funding. Core Values, Infrastructure & Culture.

Scale UP

Do You operate within a Scale UP eco-system?

Key Topics: People, Strategy, Execution, Cash.

Impact Management Plan

As entrepreneurs we want to maximize our impact. To do this, we must measure and manage according to solid data, so that strategic and operational decisions lead to optimal impact.

Key Topics: Case Study. What is IM Plan? FrameWork for Maximizing Outcome. How to establish an IM Plan. Workshops.

The North Star Framework

Guide to discovering your product’s North Star.

Key Topics: Impact and coherence in Your work. More focused – Less reactive. Context and inspiration to improve. Autonomy and flexibility to solve problems. Shared language and common understanding about Vision, Mission, Strategy and Core Values.

Crucial Conversations

Tools for Talking When Stakes are High.

Key Topics: Culture of Blame vs Culture of Accountability. Path of Dialogue. Communication made safe ‘n smart.

Human Resources

Human Resources, in short HR, focuses on change, development and strategy knowing that organizations are developed through the people in the organizations.

Key Topics: Needs, Do’s & Dont’ts of the staff. Supervise Smarter. Structure – Culture – Core values. Bias at Work. Performance issues. Interpersonal Skills. Energy Factors. Learning & Change Styles.

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