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Based on decades of experience in leadership, personal and organisational development, I provide mentorship and coaching on a wide range of topics constantly targeting how to strengthen your relational capacity, self management and execution skills, in growth and crises.- Roald

The Best Tool in The Tool Box

Entering the market with the right solution, is difficult. Entering the market with the right team, is crucial.

You need The Best Tool in The Tool Box to empower people to engage, connect, and thrive. Read more HERE.

Personality Factor

Persolog Personality Factor Profile create the common language to understand and discuss differences – and their value to the team/organization.

Get to know the tool and reconnect with yourself and others. Raise self-awareness. Embrace diverse strengths and behavior styles. Improve teamwork. Make conflict productive. Manage more effectively.

Organizational Resilience

Persolog Organizational Resilience create the common language to understand and discuss – and strengthen – your organizational resilience.

Get to know 9 central factors for resilient organizations (ISO 22316). Reflect your organization with a questionnaire. Discover your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Learn what you can do to strengthen your organization’s resilience and define the way of implementation.


Empower people to engage, connect, and thrive.

How to work better with others. How to communicate better. Collaborate and get along better with everyone you work with.

Productive Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable and often destructive part of both life and workplace interactions. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

How to understand and reframe conflicts to become more constructive and useful. Learn actionable strategies to engage in more productive and positive workplace conflict. Discover tools for talking when stakes are high. The Path of Dialogue. Communication made safe ‘n smart.


Understanding Yourself is the 1st step to becoming a more effective and productive manager of others.

Discover your natural management preferences and priorities. Improve the quality of your management experience and build more effective, rewarding, and inspiring relationships. Explore effective strategies for directing employees and delegating work. And learn how to expand your abilities to develop others based on their unique potentials.


Vision. Alignment. Execution.

Learn about the Persolog Personality Factor Profile tool and how it can inform the role of leader, and how to adapt your natural style to be more effective with everyone looking to you for leadership.


Improve sales results by understanding customer drivers.

How to recognize and understand the buying styles of customers to improve communication and understanding. How to stretch beyond your natural sales style to adapt to the buying styles of your customers and meet their unspoken needs.


If you don’t manage culture, it will manage you and dictate how leaders lead and managers manage.

What’s Your Organization’s Cultural Profile? Workplace culture is often the difference between growth and crises. Learn what cultural change look like – and build the organization that will thrive in even the most trying times.

Strategic Planning

Define your organization’s strategy, values and resources to execute.

  • Pioneering
  • Business Plan
  • Value Proposition
  • Marked Readiness
  • Playing To Win Strategy
  • Picture & Pick Your Team
  • Impact Management
  • Theory Of Change
  • Soft Funding
  • Scaling

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